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Now That We Found Love

Posted on April 18 2019

Throwin' it back to the glory days of Z95 and The Killer Bee's Flamethrower Five.  Sitting by the radio and waiting to press record when your favorite song came on so that you wouldn't have to buy the cassingle or dreaded maxi-single with 14 remixes of the same song you never wanted.  Using a Scream'r cassette from the Jewel (or taping over one of Dad's old foreigner tapes that he pretended to not want anymore). 



We bring you our mixtape from back in the day, in "modern" Spotify playlist form, without the warm "hiss" of the cassette or DJ talkover.


Mixtape Side A (Webplayer)

Mixtape Side B (Webplayer)

This era was the inspiration for our Sixtape tee, available now.


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