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Chi Evel

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Take a risk today. You know you got a bit of Evel in you.

  • Vintage print on a premium soft-blended tee
  • Crew Neck
  • Unisex Style
  • 4.3 oz.



The day was January 31, 1977. The location was the Chicago International Amphitheatre, located on the west side of Halsted Street at 42nd Ave. Evel Knievel was going to jump a 90-foot tank filled with 13 sharks. CBS was set to show the jump, live on the air. However, during a practice run, Evel lost control of his bike and crashed into a cameraman. Evel fractured his collarbone and his right arm while the cameraman lost an eye. After that accident, Evel never attempted another jump.

On a side note, it was this jump that inspired the infamous “Happy Days” episode in which the Fonz did the same thing (except on water skis). “Jumping the Shark” has come to refer to the point when a TV series runs out of original ideas and grasps at any gimmick to fill airtime.