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Our Story

6 Clothing Group


The story of 6 Clothing Co. starts in Chicago. Fate brought brothers, boyhood best friends and college roommates together and an unbreakable bond was formed. We were living the typical metropolitan young adult lifestyle, but grew to strive for something more. Artists for Harmony was born. Through AFH, we are able to help those with physical and mental disabilities, care for children and families in unfortunate health crises, give back to the community through local art programs, and donate to organizations that help our community.


We decided to unleash our creativity by forming 6 Clothing Company. We believe that one’s sense of fashion and style are a direct extension of one’s character. While our passion is 6 Clothing Company, our heart is in giving back, and proceeds from every purchase of 6 Clothing will benefit Artists for Harmony.


We are wearing our hearts on our sleeves, weaving memories of our lives into the everyday fabric that we wear. A friendship that has lasted more than half of our lives and has created countless experiences directly influences every one of our designs. Every shirt has a story, and we want you to be a part of it.