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Why 6

We got your 6

"Got your 6" is a military term that literally means "I've got your back" in reference to the 6 o'clock position. If you buy 6 Clothing, we’ve got your back (and your front, and your sleeves…). We make sure our products are the best combination of style and comfort (we have to, it’s practically all that we wear for shameless self-promotion purposes). We do everything imaginable to make sure the customer is satisfied throughout the entire buying process.  Shirt does not fit like you had hoped?  Design is too sick to handle?  Contact us for hassle free returns. The Jayman will take care of you.



With every purchase from, 6% goes towards a non-profit organization that we established years ago, called Artists For Harmony. AFH helps shape the lives of those with physical and mental disabilities, care for children and families in unfortunate health crises, give back to the community through local art programs, and donate to organizations that strive to better the overall health of the communities within the very city that helped shape who we are as individuals.


Be Part of Our Story

Every shirt from 6 Clothing has a unique story describing the inspiration behind the design, with details printed on the inside of the shirt. Maybe you can relate to the story through your own experiences. Maybe it’s the most ridiculous story you have ever heard. Either way, we know you will be engaged.


Second to None

Each item from 6 Clothing is designed and printed in Chicago.  All of us are from the CHI and we’re doing our part to give back to the city we love through our charitable contributions and volunteering.


6 Means Something

All of our designs mean something. Don’t settle for some random image that doesn’t mean anything and give 6 Clothing a try. If you already own a 6 Clothing garment, you know how great it is. If not, see what you are missing. Either way, hurry up and buy something so we can move out of our parents’ basements.


Lucky Number 6

Not only are there 6 of us, the number 6 represents harmony (something our city desperately needs), all of Chicago’s 50+ zip codes start with 6, our pro basketball and hockey teams have each won 6 titles, the Chicago Star has 6 points... We could keep going, but let's shop instead.