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Chi Head

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This shirt has a modern fit, and we recommend sizing up one size.


Inspired by finding hope within the silent struggles of a brain disorder known as Chiari Malformation.

  • Three-color print on a soft blended tee
  • Slightly Heathered
  • Crew Neck
  • Unisex Style
  • 4.3 oz.



Finding hope within the silent struggles of Chiari Malformation.

Chiari malformations are structural defects in the base of the skull and cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance. Normally the cerebellum and parts of the brain stem sit above an opening in the skull that allows the spinal cord to pass through it. When part of the cerebellum extends into the upper spinal canal, it is called a Chiari malformation.

Inspired by the artwork of our own Michael Trulis and his own struggles with Chiari Malformation, this image depicts his interpretation of what was transpiring in his head the night before his brain surgery. We are happy to note that today Mike has made a full recovery and is doing great. We hope this shirt can raise some awareness for the over 200,000 new cases of Chiari Malformation in the U.S. every year.