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Madhouse Long Sleeve

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With 6 titles (and counting), all you can really say is DADADA DADADA DADADA DADADA DADADA DADADA…

  • Two-color, vintage print on a super soft, long sleeve tee
  • Crew Neck
  • Unisex Style



Opened on March 28, 1929 at a cost of $9.5 million, Chicago Stadium was the largest indoor arena in the world at the time. It featured an intimate, box layout which produced one of the loudest atmospheres in sports. Much of the loud, ringing noise of the fans could be attributed to the 3,663-pipe organ, boasting the world's largest theater organ. This earned the Stadium the moniker "The Madhouse on Madison". For years, it was also known as "The Loudest Arena in the NBA", due to its barn-shaped features.

After the United Center was built in 1994, the Chicago Stadium was demolished in 1995. Its site is now a parking lot for the United Center across the street. CNN televised the demolition, showing devoted fans crying as the wrecking ball hit the old building. Parts of the stadium were auctioned off for charity and given to fans but the center court logo resides in the GOAT’s trophy room in his North Carolina mansion.

Currently, a plaque with the words "Chicago Stadium – 1929–1994 – Remember The Roar" is located behind a statue on the north side of the United Center.