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Summertime Tank

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Summertime Chi. What more do you need?

  • Three-color print on a premium soft-blended tank
  • 4.9 oz.



Nicknamed “Chi-Beria,” Chicago winters can really be a “Bear” to endure! From windchills that dip well below zero, to snow drifts that extend past the very top steps of your neighborhood Bungalow, Chicago winters are brutal! As the winter season plows in, Chicagoans begin to withdraw, retreat, and, for some of us, even hibernate! We don’t dare step foot outside, for fear of the frozen tundra! The days are short, dark, and gloomy. Newspapers, being neglected all season long, begin to pile up on front porches and lawns. Cars become burried in a half ice, half black slush, that coats the streets as snow plows force their way through snow filled streets and alleys.

Yes, this is winter time in Chicago. And yet, one may ask, “Why in the world do Chicagoans endure all of this madness?”

Well, we’ll tell you why we don’t run towards permanent relief from this chaos. You see, as the weather changes, and the snow begins to melt, and you finally figure out where you parked your car three months prior, the first signs of Hope break through, as streams of sunlight push their way through the thick mass of grey gloom that blanketed the skies for an entire season! Yes, my friends, as a dog paces back and forth and eagerly awaits the return of his master, so do Chicagoans eagerly await that which makes living in this city all the worthwhile: THE SUMMER! In the Summer Time, Chicago comes to life! People stumble out of their homes and onto the streets in hordes. The weather changes, the sky becomes a crystal blue shade of brilliance, without the sight of a cloud for miles upon miles. People begin to smile, as a flashes of relief appear all over their face! Dogs start hanging out with Cats, and Rats start hanging out with Bats! Children of all races, backgrounds, and religions come get together in the neighborhood parks and rejoice in unison: They are finally freed from the confines of their homes!

Everyone lives for the Summer in Chicago! It’s the time of year when the city truly becomes alive! People working downtown in the Loop actually skip to work, as the summertime adds a burst of energy and excitement to their step! Yes, imagine that! From Street festivals, to fireworks, to Baseball Games, to North Avenue Beach, to Concerts, to Rooftop bars and restaurants, to outdoor drink venues, to Museums, to Food festivals; Chicago comes alive! Tourism spikes as People from all over the world come to visit this wonderful city in the Summer to partake in all that it has to offer!

Chicago Summers make year-round living in this wonderful city all the worthwhile. It’s that time of year when one can truly say that Chicago is, “My Kind of Town!”